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FLink and DataBridge

FLink Integration Platform orchestrates interactions and communication between different servers and applications and provides real-time visibility and control about strategic business processes.

The graphical user interface of FLink Integration Platform allows to adapt business processes to a technical level without the need of programming a single line of code. Predefined connectors and operators hide the technical details and can be used to build fully automated workflows. A runtime component ensures high performance and flexibility when deploying the designed interfaces and workflows into production.

The DataBridge is a fast and efficient product to extract core banking data from a TEMENOS T24™ system, convert it to a relational format and to upload the data to a relational database. The use of daily relational snapshots enables customers to access their data with standard SQL reporting tools or to easily feed their BI-systems with the necessary data. The DataBridge Direct can be enhanced by a streaming component, to make data accessible in near real-time.

Our experience in integration, development and use of FLink and DataBridge — already since 2008.

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