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Service Desk Creatio

The system offers total control of the course of processing service calls and other support matters.

Sections Counterparties and Contacts make a single database of service users in Service Creatio (formerly bpm’online), containing clients, suppliers, contractors, contact persons and employees.

General catalogue of provided services contains their descriptions and SLA criteria applicable depending on the requested service, supplier agreement terms. For every type of service we ensure universal settings of the necessary data and automated contact routing to the necessary service group of each support level.

All IT infrastructure and software elements are accounted in the system as configuration units with the package data, links to users and key tools in ERP system. We ensure universal settings of the necessary features and configuration unit data with duplicate control.

Execute full cycle management of service calls ensuring full control of all works, coordination of actions of employees and registering feedback from the client. We have implemented automated autofill of configuration unit depending on the service and automated defining of the group in charge upon escalation of the call, possibility to change the deadline upon picking a reason from the menu.

Register incidents linked to configuration units and integration to automated monitoring system enables one to register incident duration, detect problems and plan their elimination with pinpoint accuracy.

On a self-service portal the users can independently register calls, track task progress and communicate with the help centre, as well as solve problems on their owns, using support articles and knowledge base resources.

Execute general management of all infrastructure and software projects and changes. Planning deadlines, budget, content, quality, risks, carrying out system monitoring, analysis and control of projects and amendments, as well as efficient communication – all that is possible in Service Creatio.

Each section of the system has adjustable notification and feedback tool for any event (change of status, executer, deadline etc.).

Upon creating a new entry in the sections, use preset activity templates with autofill of certain fields and creating interrelated tasks (for example, request for new employee onboarding with automated triggering of tasks for the person in charge of setting up a workplace for this employee). These scenarios can be added and adjusted.

We adjust automated triggering of regulation tasks of preset frequency rate, ensure generation for certain groups of users, task coordination processes and record of their life cycle history.

The module provides an option of automated settings of access rights to system objects using object classifier and automated generation of preset groups of filters.

For executer of service functions we have created a section containing all the entries addressed to one person in active statuses, while deadline control tools ensure clear perception of time and discipline of solving the service calls, incidents and problems.

Key features

Arrange precise management of clients’ requests, incidents, tasks, projects and amendments.

  • Single database of service users
  • Service catalogue
  • Service calls
  • Incidents and problems
  • Self-service portal
  • Projects and changes
  • Adjustable mechanism of notifications
  • Activity templates
  • Configuring rights and filters
  • Execution deadline control