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Loan Originator Creatio

A tool for running all of the loan processes in one place will save your time and minimize errors.

Register and review applications to commercial loans and loans for individuals. This module includes selection of available products, match check in the list of undesirable persons, inquiry of credit history in external and internal registers, debt-to-income ratio calculation. Loan originator ensures decision-making process in accordance with the type and terms of the product, import of applications from external sources, as well as record of decision-making process history.

Register questionnaires of applicants and affiliated persons, keep track of questionnaire versions and use automated tool for generating persons out of the questionnaire data in accordance with the application review process. This module provides flexible mechanism of creating new types of questionnaires.

Functions of the register of undesirable persons includes an option of importing lists from external sources, as well as check for matches the information about the persons upon reviewing the applications.

Register documents of any type based on incoming emails, turn paper documents into digital ones. The user can access safe digital signature and its verification. Carry out document coordination and approval business processes and manage access rights by type of documents.

Module’s product catalogue implies flexible settings for product parameters. Register loan agreements after reviewing applications and use the integration with an accounting system.

This module offers registration of loan portfolio incidents (revaluation of collateral, payment schedule defaults, breach of agreement, request for amendment of terms etc.), automated registration and classification by themes of incidents received to particular email addresses. You can import incidents from external systems, collect information and carry out incident investigation. There are also automated notifications to client available regarding registered incidents.

Set up check-lists for carrying out all types of investigations, as well as own classification. Plan corrective actions for the detected deficiencies, coordinate and issue tasks for eliminating them. Use option of collecting digital documents necessary for the investigation, and option of recording internal and external communication.

Preconfigured processes include regular monitoring of loan agreement, incident investigation, loan recovery.

Keep record and group loan risks in a risk catalogue. Appoint persons in charge and store documents regulating credit risk management. Plan the necessary preventative measures for mitigation of credit risks.

Module’s functions imply planning of regulatory actions that by certain schedule will trigger loan agreement performance monitoring process. Use a business process controlling execution of actions and approval of results.

Key features

Manage the loan application processing, issue loans and prevent risks in a single module Creatio (formerly bpm’online).

  • Applications
  • Questionnaires
  • Register of undesirable persons
  • Documents
  • Products
  • Agreements
  • Loan portfolio incidents
  • Preconfigured processes
  • Credit risk management