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Internet Bank

Wide range of functions makes our Internet Bank one of the most demanded instruments for medium-scale financial institutions.

We offer our clients support of all products and operations: payments, including standing orders, loans deposits, payment cards, securities (portfolio report and transfers), client questionnaire (KYC, MiFID2) and information update process.

Enjoy the advantages of intuitive adaptive design, supported by the majority of popular operating systems and browsers, as well as mobile application for iOS and Android.

Use flexible settings of user access rights in order to grant access to each representative of a corporate client in accordance with the person’s authorization from the company. The functions include multi-signature – an option for each representative to handle the accounts individually or jointly with one or several representatives. Multiclient mode offers one Internet Bank user to work with all the clients represented by this user in one application. Also one can upload payments and download reports in various formats.

The system offers middle office employee’s workplace for customer support, i.e., the support employee sees exactly the same what the client sees the Internet Bank, and he can also draft documents or payments for the client and send them to the client for signing. Also there is an option of sending individual or grouped messages for pre-set or variable groups of clients.

Replication database of logging system enables one to work offline and minimizes the chance of unavailability of information for the client in the Internet Bank.

Upon integration with Creatio digital processes of client’s document and order processing ensure flawless and quick service. A tool for control of authorization and access management enables automated disconnection of user with expired authorization. The module provides client’s questionnaires and automated client’s data update, as well as access to scanned copies of client’s documents stored in the bank.

We ensure security and compliance for each of our three authentication and authorization options (SMS, physical Digipass, mobile Digipass for iOS and Android). Inbuilt blocking procedures, simplified mode for operations between accounts of one and the same client, limits on operations set by bank or client, online blocking of payment card, settings for SMS notifications, logs and audit register – all that ensures the necessary balance of security and convenience for the user.

The product is compatible with standard systems of automated monitoring. We have created convenient administration, quick setting of classifiers, catalogues, verification rules, tested recovery procedures, successful stress and penetration tests.

Key features

Take your remote customer service to a new level.

  • Support of all products and operations
  • Mobile application
  • Flexible settings of user access rights
  • Employee’s workplace for customer support
  • Replication database
  • Integration with Creatio
  • Three authentication options